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SDG10 Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries

Photo Credit: Project Ha Giang 2019


Investigating discrimination among asylum seekers

Funded by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), our researcher from the Department of Professional Legal education led an international research team to study the discrimination experience of asylum seeker/refugees (ASR) in Hong Kong. The team investigated the actual discrimination situation of ASR as well as evaluated the effectiveness of the Race Discrimination Ordinance (RDO). The study concluded that RDO is unable to protect ASR from race discrimination as ASR are not entitled to most of the rights within the scope of RDO. The team recommended that the policymakers shall widen the scope of the ordinance to protect all people residing in Hong Kong, including ASR. Also, resources shall be allocated to educate the public about the reasons for ASR coming to Hong Kong to create a harmonious community.

Key Data

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Engagement and Outreach

JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network

Our Faculty of Social Sciences collaborated with Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Charities Trust to initiate the JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network project to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The support of ASD children requires understanding and care from all parts of society. Therefore, the project is divided into three cross-sectoral components: school support, family support, and public education. The programme offers school-based support for such students and schools; provides support to parents and families, as well as organising public education programmes to raise public awareness and understanding about ASD. Currently, more than 500 mainstream primary and secondary schools and about 360 families have benefited from this project.


Give identity to African children through dental age assessment

Our Faculty of Dentistry joined hands with Church of Christ in China Wanchai Church and Footsteps Africa to promote birth registration and oral health education in Africa. Currently, over half of the children and refugees in Africa are unregistered and subject to denial of basic welfare and abuse. An individual's age is essential for legal identity, which can be obtained via assessment of one’s dental development.

During the programme, our HKU dental team conducted a series of outreach activities in Uganda, including promotion campaigns and workshops to promote birth registration and oral health awareness. The team also collaborated with local dentists to perform detailed dental examination and active treatments, as well as teaching local teachers on estimating children’s age using a simplified dental age estimation method. Over 1,000 students, local villagers, and refugees benefited in this programme.

Teaching, Learning and Students Activities

Courses and programmes

HKU educates students on inequality issues at various levels in the curriculum. Our Sociology students learn about global inequality issues in their undergraduate curriculum. For example, the Global Migration course studies the theories and frameworks of human migration as well as addressing the impacts of migration on ethnic communities and citizenship. On the other hand, the common core course Globalization and Migration studies the impact of globalization on migration, which creates global economic disparities and widening class and gendered inequalities.

CHATnCHILL Programme

The CHATnCHILL programme is a student-led initiative that provides a networking platform for students to initiate cultural integration activities, fostering cultural exchange and integration of local and non-local students. Participating students took part in regular chit-chatting activities with topics that are related to the daily living of Hong Kong citizens in a cultural and performing arts context. The programme aims to encourage students to be open-minded in understanding cultural differences and develop mutual respect in a pluralistic social environment.



Peer Impact Network

HKU strives to develop a vibrant campus environment that embraces diversity and social inclusion. Our Peer Impact Network (PIN) offers a series of service opportunities for students to work with people with disabilities or special educational needs. Trained student ambassadors can offer study support, guided social coaching, and audio description services for students in need.

University commitments and policies

HKU is committed to creating an environment that embraces equality, diversity, and inclusiveness for staff and students. Our Policy on Equal Opportunity outlined governance procedures to handle discrimination and harassment behaviours related to sex, disability, marital status, pregnancy, and race. Apart from policy efforts, we have implemented a set of gender-parity and family-friendly measures about recruitment, promotion and benefits, such as tenure clock extension during childbirth, enhanced maternity/ paternity leave and benefits, return-to-work measures, and the provision of breastfeeding facilities on campus.

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