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SDG4 Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

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COVID-19 impact on students’ digital citizenship development


The Centre for Information Technology in Education led an interdisciplinary research team on the Hong Kong Students’ Digital Citizenship Development project. The project is a five-year longitudinal study that explores the correlation of digital citizenship development from childhood to early adulthood and different background factors such as schools and families. 

The project team reached out to over 2,000 primary and secondary school students and 360 teachers during the study. Research findings show that huge intra- and inter-school differences in students’ digital competence among primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, and the gap is expected to widen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which limits the education channel to online teaching only. 

Based on the findings, the team recommended that post-COVID-19 Hong Kong should develop strategies and plans to enhance students’ digital competence, reduce the digital divide and build a robust online learning support system for an overall improved educational system.

Key Data

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Engagement and Outreach

Bridging digital divide among secondary school students

HKU strives to uphold equal learning opportunities by helping students in need. #TeachforGood, an initiative conducted by HKU graduates, seeks to promote equal learning opportunities by bridging the digital divide among students that was magnified by COVID-19.

Supported by the HKU COVID Relief Fund, our graduates designed and held a series of online courses to students from grassroots backgrounds. In the upcoming phase of the initiative, online video speech therapy sessions will be provided to the students by our Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic.

Free HKU MOOC certification for secondary school students

HKU has been offering massive open online courses (MOOCs) since late 2014. We extended our MOOC courses during the COVID-19 outbreak by offering HKUx courses in edX, the online learning platform, covering a wide range of course topics covering medicine, law, natural sciences, economics, engineering, humanities. To further enhance online learning during the prolonged school suspension period, we launched the Free HKU MOOC Certification programme, which waives the course fees for Hong Kong secondary school students upon the completion of online assessment of HKUx courses.

Teaching, Learning and Students Activities

Nurturing global leaders by interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programmes

HKU has launched a new Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (BASc) degree to nurture global leaders equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to address the challenges. Involving all ten faculties, the BASc programmes are designed to cross traditional faculty lines and enable students to work creatively and collaboratively in adopting innovative ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Sustainable Leadership, one of the courses of the BASc programme, mobilizes students to investigate sustainability issues in Hong Kong. In the first semester, the students will propose solutions and prototypes on different environmental and social sustainability themes. Selected projects would be chosen and financed by decision-makers of HKU and be implemented on campus in the second semester.

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Special Education

Our Faculty of Education has been constantly reviewing its programmes and curriculum to keep abreast of the education needs of the society. The faculty has launched the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Special Education to cater to the increasing demand for qualified practitioners for early childhood education equipped with special education skills. The programme is the first curriculum in Hong Kong that covers early childhood and special education, graduates will be able to apply for registration as qualified kindergarten teachers, child care workers, and child care supervisors.


Academic Advising System

HKU helps students to achieve their academic goals by improving their academic experience and better self-understanding. We have set up a university-wide Academic Advising System to provide academic advising services to students at university, faculty, residence, and online level. The system outlines a robust framework for advisors to provide guidance and support to students.

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