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SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

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Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business

Our Centre for Civil Society and Governance (CCSG) partnered with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) to initiate the Partnership for Sustainability Leadership in Business (PSLB), a four-year action research project. The objective of the project is to create Sustainable Value Chains and promote SDGs by collaborating with academic institutions, businesses, regulators, and the community. This project establishes an online resource hub, which provides arrays of resources and tools to businesses that are keen on integrating sustainability into their operations, and an offline capacity building and networking platform that connects sustainability leaders in big corporations with small-medium enterprises.

Key Data

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Engagement and Outreach

International Universities Climate Alliance

HKU has founded the International Universities Climate Alliance along with other international universities. Consisting of about 50 top climate and environmental research universities worldwide, the alliance aims to unite the universities across the globe and research on climate change science, impact, mitigation strategies and adaptation, to enable greater engagement with policymakers, educators and business leaders looking to apply the latest research findings to accelerate climate actions.

Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium

HKU is an inaugural member of the HKSCC, a partnership consisting of all eight publicly funded universities in Hong Kong to leverage on its collective influence to promote sustainable development and implement solutions on campus and the wider community. In 2020, HKSCC organised UNIfy: Sustainable Living #StayAtHomeEdition to promote a healthy lifestyle, energy-saving, and low carbon healthy diet, waste reduction during the COVID-19 pandemic. The consortium also conducted the Environmental Behaviour Survey, a longitudinal study that focuses on students’ environmental habits among all eight member universities.

Teaching, Learning and Students Activities

HKU Horizons Leadership Development Programme

The HKU-Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme is a collaboration between HKU Horizons and Common Purpose, a leadership development organisation specialising in cross-boundary leadership. In this experiential learning programme, students will be assigned to a community-based, non-profit, or commercial organisation in Southeast Asian countries to address business problems caused under the COVID-19 pandemic and turbulent economic environment and suggest practical solutions. This programme allows students to develop their leadership skills and boost their cultural intelligence.

HKU-Accenture Business Consulting Programme

HKU has established a long-term partnership with business leaders. The HKU-Accenture Business Consulting Programme offers a unique learning opportunity for students from our Business School to connect with consulting professionals from Accenture. The programme consists of classes, coaching sessions, and case competition. The participating students can acquire inside views of the business consulting business, explore market trends and business scenarios, as well as learning consulting skills and techniques. Selected students will earn internships opportunities in Accenture.




Student-led consultancy services

HKU is one of the branches of 180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest student-led consultancy that empowers students to provide consulting services to non-profits and social enterprises to solve their challenges. Our students can be able to research, develop, and implement innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions using their expertise from diverse backgrounds. In 2020, the HKU branch conducted donor landscape and strategies analysis for HELP for Domestic Workers, a non-profit organisation that offers legal assistance to migrant workers in Hong Kong. Recommendations were proposed to enhance the synergy between multiple marketing channels and to optimise the resource utilization for HELP, which facilitates sustainable development for the organisation’s strategic moves.



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