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SDG2 Zero Hunger

End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Photo Credit: Project Ha Giang 2019


Gene Identification to enhance rice grain yield

To achieve food security, our school of biological science collaborated with researchers from the University of Calgary and Rothamsted to research grain yield and composition enhancement. The research group has identified OsACBP2, a protein that enhances grain size, weight, as well as the nutritional value of rice bran and whole seeds. The application of this technology can increase rice grain yield, leading to an increase in food production.

Key Data

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Engagement and Outreach

Rural sustainability hackathon

Our Policy for Sustainability Lab is working with HSBC in the Rural Sustainability Project to mobilise the actions of the local community by socio-economic models that emphasize the role of the rural community in Hong Kong. As a part of the project, the Rural Sustainability Hackathon was held in August 2020 with the theme “Hong Kong’s Sustainable Food System”. Participants went through design thinking steps and submitted innovative proposals to tackle real challenges in Hong Kong’s food system.

Food donation and sharing project

Our Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre partnered with the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres in organising the Food Donation and Sharing Project. Students will apply marketing and resource management strategies to address the food waste issue faced with wet markets and bakeries in Sham Shui Po.

Teaching, Learning and Students Activities

Horizons Project Mingde

Horizons Project Mingde aims to utilize the knowledge and skills of our teachers and students to contribute towards the impoverished communities in Mainland China. This is achieved through a series of service-learning and cultural exchange activities such as volunteering teaching in local primary schools. In 2019, our students spent 6 days in Wangdong & Rongshui, Liuzhou, Guangxi to experience local village life and designed games and teaching programs for local primary school students.


Need-based student financial support

The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) strives to ease the financial burden for disadvantaged students to receive quality education by providing financial assistance schemes to students in need. In 2019/20, we supported 5,000 successful applications on various need-based funding schemes, accounting for HK$ 180 million distributed to students facing financial pressures.

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