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SDG17 Partnership for the Goals


Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC) Meeting


The University strives to promote effective, partnerships between our peers, the public, and civil society in order to support the achievement of the SDGs. In the global higher education field, we are an active member of the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN). As part of the advisory committee, HKU collaborated with representatives from other universities to develop the new ISCN strategic plan that will help the network promote better partnerships and expand its impact. HKU is also a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), which facilitates the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and innovations regarding sustainability at universities. Colleagues from HKU regularly attend AASHE conferences to learn from and share ideas with others working towards sustainability in the higher education arena. 


Beyond our sector, we partner with the public and civil society in Hong Kong. The Social Innovations for Sustainable Communities programme, initiated by the Centre for Civil Society and Governance aims to build social entrepreneurship for the promotion and attainment of sustainability, by empowering intergenerational “sustainability catalyzers” from the wider Hong Kong public. Incubation platforms and toolkits are developed under the programme to facilitate capacity building, knowledge sharing, and ultimately drive behavioural change. 

Teaching & Research

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HKU continues to play an integral role in the Hong Kong Sustainable Campus Consortium (HKSCC) and took over the leadership of the group as the convenor at the start of 2019. As the convenor, HKU steered the trajectory of the consortium and hosted our fellow members for meetings and events. During our convenorship, HKSCC built on the success of its first joint university environmental campaign to successfully hold the “UNIfy: BYO” campaign in 2019. All eight member universities again partnered together on this campaign. Through events, discounts and catering outlets, and social media, it encouraged students and staff to bring their own containers when buying food or other items on campus. HKSCC also successfully approved a new strategic plan that will guide the consortium for the next eight years. The plan sets meaningful goals such as a collective set of performance targets and increasing education for sustainability and the SDGs in the curriculum. The new strategic plan will help to further strengthen the collaborative efforts of the eight-member universities in Hong Kong.

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