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SDG1 No Poverty



Education plays an essential role in eradicating poverty. As a leading educational institution in its region, HKU strives to lift vulnerable youth and their families out of poverty by making education accessible to those who are economically disadvantaged, marginalised or underrepresented in the local community and beyond.
HKU offers a wide range of financial assistance such as scholarships, bursaries and interest-free loans to local and international students alike whose financial resources and family circumstances may otherwise hinder their access to quality education. Various schemes are in place to ensure students with different needs can receive a well-rounded education, including support for tuition expenses, emergency assistance, accommodation and commute, overseas learning and extra-curricular activities. 
Apart from providing housing, medical, and retirement benefits, HKU offers fundings and opportunities for staff members to improve their knowledge and skills, and to excel in their work through professional development. 

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With the support of the Kerry Group’s Kuok Foundation, the university has been working on poverty alleviation in rural China through the Poverty and Exclusion Alleviation Project (PAEAN). HKU students take part in field studies and service projects to help low-income rural communities in China to improve their quality of education and health care knowledge. Innovative teaching methods are introduced to teachers and schools to ensure well-rounded education is available to students such that they can have better education and employment opportunities in the future. HKU students also provide basic check-ups, health and hygiene education for the communities, and train local youth to become health ambassadors to promote a healthy lifestyle in their villages. By serving deprived communities in China, HKU students have the opportunity to understand  poverty and  develop a lifelong sense of social responsibility.

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